Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Yevgenya Grinblat

Position title: PI | Associate Professor


Harvard University, Ph. D. 1993
Wright State University, B.S. 1985
From Moscow, Russia


Neuroscience Bio Page


Irina Sedykh

Position title: Zoology Ph. D. candidate


Winona State University, B. S.

Baul Yoon

Position title: Genetics Ph. D. candidate


University of California-LA, B. S.

Lauren Bluhm

Position title: Undergraduate

Major: Biology

Rose Rogers

Position title: Undergraduate

Major: Genetics and Psychology

Carol (Nan) Xu

Position title: Undergraduate

Major: Genetics and Neurobiology

Lab Alumni


Molly Nyholm (Ph. D. in Zoology Ph. D. 2008; postdoc 2009 – 2012)
Promega, Madison WI


Nicholas Sanek (Ph. D. in Genetics, 2008)
Catalent Pharma, Madison WI


Jessica TeSlaa (Ph. D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, 2014)
Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement, Madison WI


Tina Samuels (M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, 2005)
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI


Ariel Cyrus, Genetics Training Program (M.S. in Genetics, 2017)
Neogen, Randolph WI


Jingzhu (Michael) Zhang (research intern 2011-2012)
Ph. D. student at Washington University, St. Lois, MS


Abby Keller (research intern 2012 – 2014)
Ph. D. student at University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Laura Roberson (research intern 2014-2015)
research specialist at the Morgridge Institute, Madison, WI.


Aaron Taylor (postdoc  2006 – 2009)
Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn VA


Eric Pueschel (postdoc 2009 – 2011)